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Harvest Time Ninety Years Ago  

We have had a request from a member regarding a word in the article Harvest Time Ninety Years Ago, in Magazine no 94. They would like to know if anyone can recall what the drink HOREHOUND consisted off, as it was a refreshing drink carried in the fields by the harvest workmen. If anyone can recall the recipe we would be pleased to hear from them.

Three recipes we have received from society members described as Tea and Beer:

1 cup fresh Horehound leaves (or 1/4 cup dried leaves), 1 quart water, 2 tabls honey, 1 fresh lemon, 1 tsp anise seed (optional).  The Horehound can have a bitter taste but the honey and lemon balance it out.  The anise is a nice licorice like addition.



1 oz. of horehound, 1 oz. of burdock leaves, 5 ozs. of ginger, 0.25 oz. of hops, and the size of a hazel nut of gentian root. Tie all in a cloth, and boil in 5 gallons of water for an hour; then strain and again boil, adding 3 lbs. of brown sugar and 2 ozs. of Spanish juice. Ferment for 24 hours, then bottle.


To a large handful of Horehound leaves & stems, add about 13.5 litres water preferably unclorinated (boiled water will do) and 1 kg treacle. Boil for 1 hr, strain & cool to blood heat. Add 2 tablespoons yeast (bakers yeast will do). and leave for 24 hours, covered with a clean cloth. Bottle & seal. Ready for use after 1 week.



Memories of American Glider Landing in Littleport

We have received an email from Robin Baumber (formerly of 34 wellington street) with a query about a WWII American glider force landing in a field in Camel Road (or thereabouts).

As a former resident of Littleport, my family lived in Wellington Street, from around 1938 (I was 1 year old then). My brothers took me to the site in an errand boys cycle basket. I had to go inside the glider to ask for chewing gum, which they gave me. I cannot find any reference to this on the internet. Please help, can anyone shed any light on this incident?. If anyone has any information about this could they please contact The Littleport Society via this website.